Show every 9/11 truther you know this video of Alex Jones getting humiliated at Ground Zero

Aside from his reputation as a crackpot conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones is known for being a loud bully who takes control of interviews. His bout with Piers Morgan on CNN was especially frustrating since there wasn’t really an exchange of ideas. Morgan never really challenged Jones in an effective way.

But in a little-known video from 2006, Jones was completely caught off-guard during a trip to New York’s Ground Zero when he was confronted by 9/11 Truth debunker, Mark Roberts.

It’s Alex Jones like you’ve never seen him before. He hesitates, he stumbles, and he’s clearly not prepared for Roberts’ pointed questions. When he gets really desperate, he turns to his audience of 9/11 truther minions for support.


Sky Palma

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