Chicago public schools ditch Columbus Day and replace it with ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’

This Chicago Board of Education has voted to drop Columbus Day and instead honor Indigenous People’s Day, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The decision came after a vote that determined public schools in the city will no longer observe Columbus Day on the second Monday of October, which will still be a federal holiday.

From the Chicago Tribune:

“Though no other board members spoke against the name change, two voted against it: Lucino Sotelo and Dwayne Truss both voted no. The other five board members, including President Miguel del Valle, backed the move,” the Tribune reported. “Chicago Ald. Nick Sposato, of the 38th Ward on the Northwest Side, predicted backlash from the Italian American community, whose members have been among the most critical of the movement to stop celebrating Christopher Columbus. Sposato said removing Columbus from the holiday is erasing history and misguided, adding, ‘It’s time for war.'”

Read the full report over at the Chicago Tribune.

Featured image: First Landing of Christopher Columbus, by Frederick Kemmelmeyer (Shutterstock)

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