Chris Matthews slaughters Rudy Giuliani when he tries to claim Trump gave up birtherism

I miss the old Chris Matthews. I don’t know much about his cable TV presence today because I honestly don’t spend a lot of time watching MSNBC, but this clip of him making mincemeat out of former New York Mayor and now Donald Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani made me yearn for ye olden tymes.

Like that one time he slaughtered right wing radio host Kevin James back in the early days of Obama’s campaign (just watch the video) — this was the old Chris — marginally educational, yet engaging and dangerous.

On his Thursday Hardball appearance, Giuliani tried to claim that Trump had disavowed his proclamations that Barack Obama is not a United States-born citizen.

After an almost 20-minute interview, Matthews brought up Trump’s still lingering “birther” issue.

“Can you commit to [Donald Trump] saying in the next 24 hours that President Barack Obama’s a legitimate president?” Matthews asked incredulously. “Can you commit for him that he will say that?”

“Just go back and look — he has said it already,” Giuliani replied.

“No he hasn’t,” Matthews fired back. “You are wrong on the fact, mister mayor.”

“But I think he did,” Giuliani waffled.

“I think you’re wrong,” Matthews said, cracking a resigned smile.

Giuliani then resorted to the debunked idea that it was the Clinton camp who first disseminated the birther conspiracy theories.

The farthest Trump has gotten to a disavowal is saying “I don’t talk about it anymore” when the subject is brought up.

Again, Matthews exasperatedly countered that it wasn’t true – seemingly remembering the futility of arguing with a conspiracy theorist.

“Donald Trump believes that [Obama] was born in the United States,” Giuliani insisted.

“When’s he gonna say it?” Matthews asked. “When is he going to say that this president is legitimate? This is a fundamental question, mister Mayor: Is the president of the United States legitimate or not? If you believe it, why doesn’t your candidate state it?”

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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