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Chris Wallace on Trump’s claim he ‘aced’ cognitive test: ‘They asked you to identify an elephant’

During a mostly contentious interview on Fox News this Sunday, network host Chris Wallace mentioned the cognitive test President Trump recently took, prompting Trump to accuse Wallace of misrepresenting the test’s difficulty.

“Let’s take a test right now,” Trump said. “Let’s go down. [Joe Biden] and I will take a test. Let him take the same test that I took.”

“Incidentally, I took the test too when I heard that you passed it,” Wallace replied. “It’s not – well it’s not the hardest test. They have a picture and it says ‘what’s that’ and it’s an elephant.”

According to Trump, it’s “all misrepresentation.”

“Because, yes, the first few questions are easy, but I’ll bet you couldn’t even answer the last five questions,” Trump said. “I’ll bet you couldn’t, they get very hard, the last five questions.”

“Well, one of them was to count back from 100 by seven,” Wallace shot back.

Watch the exchange below:

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