Christian author: If Kim Jong Un wants to stay in power, he’ll have to accept Jesus

Christian prophet and author Cindy Jacobs says God is willing to forgive and forget the crimes of North Korea.

During the Global Prophetic Summit last November, attendees were reportedly told by God that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un would be removed from power in 2018, unless of course he accepts Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

One of those self-proclaimed prophets was Cindy Jacobs, who explained in a video what “God has been saying in 2018.”

“We prophesied a lot about North Korea, that North Korea was going to have a suddenly—that God was going to deal with Kim Jong Un,” Jacobs said, referring to the November summit.

“God is hardening his heart like Pharaoh’s heart,” she said. “He’s not going to allow Kim Jong Un to stay in that position. He is not going to allow compromise to come. Something is going to dramatically happen because his time for being a dictator is over, unless he turns his heart to the Lord.”

Jacobs then made a direct appeal to the Dear Leader to turn his life over to Christ.

“Maybe somehow, Kim Jong Un, you are watching this. If you are, turn your heart to the Lord Jesus,” she pleaded.

“There are people praying for you and if you will completely change, God is going to help you on a path that will not be destructive. So you can choose, Kim Jong Un — you choose who you serve. If you serve God and if you change your ways, God will protect you, He will protect North Korea in a unique way and make peace with South Korea, but if you continue on your path, it will lead to your destruction.”

“And the sad thing about that is your destruction will lead the path to hell and it will be eternal—eternal—what will happen to you.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via screen grab/YouTube

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