Christian broadcaster: White Trump supporters are treated like blacks were in the ’50s and 60s’

According to a bio of Christopher McDonald, he “has a passion to encourage, edify and exhort and offer a passionate defense of the true gospel of Jesus Christ to the world at large.” While he’s doing that, he’s also apparently passionate about encouraging, edifying, and exhorting the idea that supporters of President Trump are oppressed in the same way African Americans were during the Jim Crow era.

On yesterday’s episode of his show “The MC Files,” McDonald’s guest Shari Wassell asserted that white conservative Christian Trump supporters are now the targets of systematic discrimination.

As the two discussed the recent “spectacle” surrounding arrest of Trump associate Roger Stone, McDonald said that if law enforcement broke down Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama’s door the way they did Stone’s, “the left would go armageddon apoplectic crazy.”

Wassell agreed, and immediately shifted the conversation towards the debacle surrounding the Covington Catholic high school kids.

“What I’m reminded of right now, between the Covington High School Catholic young man and his friends in the red MAGA hats with their white skin and their Catholicism on display for everyone to see,” Wassell said in a video flagged by Right Wing Watch.

“Between that and Roger Stone, an associate of Trump’s [who is white], it reminds me of all the things from the late 50’s/early 60’s, the way people were treated,” she continued. “The left is taking us back to the counter at Woolworth’s. I hate it. It’s despicable and it’s happening again.”

“You’re right,” McDonald replied. “It is the 50s and 60s all over again.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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