Christian ‘historian’: The Constitution ‘gives me more protection’ because I’m a Christian

David Barton has some interesting ideas when it comes to the role of religion (basically, Christianity) in regards to government. For example, he once said that he thinks the Fourth of July should be celebrated as a Christian holiday. Now he’s saying that the Constitution was conceived with Christians in mind, especially when it comes to the First Amendment.

Speaking on the Wallbuilders Live radio program earlier this month, Barton declared that “religious folks” are allowed “more protection” under the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment.

“Secular speech is protected by the Constitution,” Barton said in an audio clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “But religious speech has several protections in the First Amendment.”

According to Barton, religious speech is “protected by three clauses” which gives him “more protection” than just “normal, secular speech.”

“It gave me more protection because I get my speech but if it’s religious, I get it twice, and if it is religious with others, I get it three times,” Barton claimed. “In addition to free speech, there is also free exercise of religion, which often involves free speech.”

“For me to exercise my faith means I will speak about it, I will live it out, I will activate it, I will do it,” he continued. “And, by the way, I have the right to assembly, so I can get together with other believers and we can act out our faith … While religious folks have at least three different forms of protection under the First Amendment for their speech, secular folks have their protections as well for speech and assembly, but they just don’t have the same religious motivations.”

That’s when Barton’s son, Tim Barton, chimed and tried to point out that secular people “have the exact same protections that a religious person does,” but Barton didn’t agree.

“You actually get added protection because it singles out your religious expression, and that’s a level of protection the Founding Fathers wanted to make sure that religious folks had, so they singled that out to give, if you will, added protection if you’re a religious folk,” Barton said.

“The First Amendment says, ‘Hey, religion is so vitally important that you get added, special protection.’”

Listen to the audio over at Right Wing Watch.

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