Christian nationalist: Cancel culture is ‘great’ when it’s ‘utilized by the right people’

Far-right Christian livestreamer Dalton Clodfelter gave his thoughts on the subject of cancel culture in a recent rant, saying that the practice is a good thing is it’s being employed by people who share your agenda.

“Me, myself, I am a supporter of cancel culture. I think cancel culture is great when utilized by the right people,” Clodfelter said.

“When it’s utilized by people like myself or like Nick Fuentes or like Alex Jones … or anybody who I agree with,” he continued, adding that celebrities who wear bikinis in public or leftists who have “supported homosexuality or transgenderism” or abortion should all be canceled as well.

“I think the people saying all whites are racist should be canceled,” he said. “I support cancel culture and the vision that I have for cancel culture moving forward. And once we take power and once we establish a foothold on some of these more mainstream platforms like Twitter, once we take it back and it becomes a free speech platform under Elon Musk hopefully in the near future, I do believe that we can actually control the way society views certain issues and we can dictate what is appropriate and what is not.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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