Herschel Walker: ‘If I have a mental problem, Jesus Christ has a mental problem’

During a recent talk, GOP Senate nominee Herschel Walker gave an interesting take on his suffering compared to Jesus’s.

“Jesus forgave, and what’s so great about him, when Jesus was headed to the cross, when he was bearing his cross, think of every angel is Heaven was so upset with us down here what we were doing to their holy one,” Walker said, adding that the angels could have “destroyed us all” if they wanted to.

“And Jesus said, ‘Nah, I got this.'”

“And he sacrificed for us,” he continued. “And that’s what I said, that is the ultimate, ultimate price anyone could pay.”

Walker then recounted a speech where he spoke to 1,500 minister, telling them, “I’m not going through anything my holy father hadn’t gone through.”

“And I said, ‘If I have a mental problem, Jesus Christ must have a mental problem’ — but it ain’t like that … they told me you have to suffer trauma to go through mental problems. I said, ‘Jesus Christ was nailed to a cross. Is that not a lot of trauma?'”

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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