Christian pastor: Satan infiltrated the ‘courts of Heaven’ to block Trump’s reelection

For years, the pro-Trump evangelical cult has been telling their followers that Donald Trump was sent by God, that he has a divine mandate, and that his reelection would be nothing less than the will of God. But with Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election and the growing realization that the effort to overturn his victory is getting a hard dose of reality, some in the Trump cult are having to rationalize and come up with new explanations for their prophecies.

Speaking on The Jim Bakker Show this Monday, Pastor Robert Henderson (who once suggested that his prayers were responsible for the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg) tried to do a little damage control in light of the fact that Biden is destined to be sworn into office.

When asked by host Jim Bakker what he thought about Trumpworld’s recent string of defeats in the Supreme Court, Henderson said the SCOTUS “took the easy way out,” so now the matter is entirely up to the “courts of heaven.”

Bakker then asked, “Is [Satan] coming against the United States in the courts of Heaven right now.”

Henderson said yes, and added that while he thinks God clearly has the power to do whatever he wants, it’s up to Christians to give him a boost now and then, and a lack of enthusiastic Trump-supporting Christians could be responsible for Trump’s fledgling effort to overturn the election.

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Sky Palma

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