Christian podcast host: Royal wedding was a plot to promote ‘blending of the races’

On his Pass the Salt Live broadcast this Monday, host Dave Daubenmire thinks there were some secret racial politics behind the globally-watched Royal wedding this weekend that took place in Britain.

While Daubenmire’s views are a mix of Christian-themed conspiracy theories and anti-gay bigotry, every now and then he flirts with white nationalism. On his Monday show, she declared that Prince Harry’s marriage to a woman of “mixed blood” is part of a plot to corrupt the pure bloodline of House of Windsor.

“Let me just lay it out there, because most people won’t say it because they don’t want to sound racist,” Daubenmire says in a video flagged by Right Wing Watch. “Prince Harry’s wife is half-black. Now, wait a minute. That ain’t that royal bloodline lineage there, is it fellas? Isn’t there a little bit of mixed blood coming in there?”

“Did you see who performed the service?” he continued, referring to Bishop Michael Curry, an Episcopal pastor who is black.

“Was it the Bishop of Canterbury or some official WASPy guy? Was it? Did I miss something? Or did we see the ultimate—umm, how do I say this?—a blending of the races; one new world order, one-world government, the blending of the [races] in the House of Windsor coming together for the first time.”

According to Daubenmire, Prince Harry’s marriage to Megan Markle, an African American humanitarian, activist, and former actress, was meant to normalize mixed-race relationships.

“I’m going to tell you something, if there was any chance that Harry was ever going to be King of England, do you think they really would have let him just choose any woman he wanted?” Daubenmire said.

“Of course not. So what’s the message that is being sent to us? … Is it a psy op that now, all of a sudden, sixth to the throne, he ain’t never going to be king, Now it’s okay for the crown to be diverse?”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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