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Christian ‘prophet’: People don’t realize that Trump has been ‘president of the world’ for the last year

During a recent appearance on the Elijah List livestream, QAnon adherent and self-proclaimed prophet Johnny Enlow claimed that when it comes to reinstating former President Donald Trump to the White House aren’t looking at the bigger picture.

“People want more proof of what’s presently the truth, what’s going on behind the scenes — but when there’s a fog of war, you can’t tell,” Enlow said. “So you try to tell people, President Trump is not as disempowered as you think.”

“Well, the proof will be forthcoming,” he continued. “I think the proof will be forthcoming that over the last year, ever since November 3rd of last year until now that there is not a person on the planet that has exercised more power and authority than President Donald Trump — that will be revealed.”

According to Enlow, it’s likely that Trump “made a shift of being president of the United States to president of the world in the sense of how he’s being used and what’s been taking place.”

“Now, for those who want proof, that’s why you have to get through the fog of war, or be above the fog of war, to actually know what’s taking place.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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