Christian ‘prophet’ refuses to apologize for promising Trump’s reelection — threatens those who doubted him with hellfire

During a recent broadcast, self-proclaimed “prophet” Robin Bullock had a message for anyone who says he should apologize for falsely prophesying the return of Donald Trump to the White House: “Well, no!”

“How about that? Just so you can hear me again — No!” he yelled into his microphone.

“Because you are wrong,” he declared, before asking if his premonitions were wrong, “why don’t it go away?”

“How come it hasn’t ever faded away? How come it’s still a fight over that election? If it wasn’t wrong and it wasn’t true, then why are we still debating all of this?” he continued. “Folks, it would have already passed. You keep your doctrines … but I’ll tell you what — you are going to answer for trying to regulate the Lord’s prophets, with your big educations.”

“You’re going to answer for trying to regulate a prophet of the Lord,” he warned.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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