Christian TV host: Anonymous Trump official who wrote anti-Trump book is actually ‘Barack Hussein Obama’

On the Thursday edition of his TruNews show, host Rick Wiles gave his thoughts on the recent anti-Trump book written by an anonymous author titled, A Warning. The author is known to be written by a “senior Trump official,” but Wiles isn’t buying it. According to him, it’s “communist agitator” and former President Barack Obama who is behind the book.

“He’s a communist agitator,” Wiles declared, speaking of Obama. “That’s the only thing he can do good. He’s a street organizer … we predicted he would never leave Washington, that he would be the ‘president in exile.'”

Like many right-wing conspiracy theorists, Wiles thinks Obama is “running the Resistance” against Trump.

“I’m not saying he physically wrote [the book], but I would be confident in predicting that he authorized a ghostwriter [to write it] — As a ghostwriter, you can make up anything.”

“I’m gonna put out there, Barack Obama is behind the book, ‘Anonymous,'” Wiles continued, confusing the author’s pseudonym with the title.

Watch the clip below, flagged by Right Wing Watch:

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Sky Palma

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