Christian TV host: Democrats colluded with Russia to take down the NRA

Rick Wiles has quite a rolodex of absurd conspiracy theories designed to provide cover for his cult figurehead, Donald Trump. But his latest claim is especially rich, even for right-wing conspiracy theory land.

On his TruNews TV program this Tuesday, Wiles addressed recent reports that Russia laundered money through the NRA — funds that were funneled to help in the effort to get Trump elected president. According to Wiles, it was the Left who colluded with Russia in an attempt to bring down the NRA and ultimately spark a civil war in the U.S., or something.

“What if the Russians are working with the leftist Democrats and the news media in this country—who hate conservatives, who hate gun-owners, who hate Christians, who hate everything the old America stood for, to bring about a collapse of our society and a civil war?” Wiles asked in an video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch.

He went on to theorize that Russia funneled funds to the gun rights group in order to spark an investigation headed by Democrats.

“Before you know it, you have chaos in society,” Wiles said.

“You have NRA patriots being accused of being Russian agents and they’re being accused by far-left communists … because they plotted together,” he continued.

“Consider the possibility that this conspiracy is far deeper than anything we can comprehend.”

Sure, Rick.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via screen grab

Sky Palma

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