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Churchgoer defends her defiance of coronavirus lockdown: ‘I’m covered in Jesus’ blood’

There’s one thing these people have in common: they believe they’re protected by God, and they refuse to acknowledge that they can infect others.

The mayor of Monroe, Ohio, has asked the pastors of Solid Rock Church to stop holding packed services and encourage their parishioners to stay home to help fight the growing coronavirus outbreak. But thanks to religious services being exempt under Gov. Mike DeWine’s stay-at-home order, the church has continued to hold in-person gatherings.

Butler County Health Commissioner Jennifer Bailer said many people have asked her why she hasn’t shut the church down yet, but she says she can’t stop the services because churches are exempt from the governor’s order.

This week, CNN’s Gary Tuchman interviewed some of the church’s congregants, including one woman who explained that she enjoys supernatural protection from the virus and can travel wherever she wants.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere else,” the woman said, referring to the church.

“Aren’t you concerned you can infect other people if you get sick inside?” Tuchman asks.

“No,” the woman responds. “I’m covered in Jesus’ blood.”

“But what about other people who don’t go to this church who you might encounter?” Tuchman pressed.

The woman continued to justify herself, completely ignoring the point about her potential to endanger others.

Watch CNN’s full report below:

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