CNBC Host to Eric Cantor: ‘No One’s Asking You To Marry Another Man’ (VIDEO)

Appearing in the CNBC show Squawkbox this Friday, House Majority Leader Rick Cantor was snagged into a discussion about gay marriage.

“We never talk gay marriage, but I don’t know, why not?” host Joe Kernen began.  Kernen went on to say that there are many gay people who are in league with Republicans on fiscal issues but reject the GOP because of the marriage equality debate. “Will [Republicans] forever be behind the curve and will history judge that they waited way too long to move were what looks like the general population on this?”

Cantor replied that he’s waiting to see how the Supreme Court votes on the issue. “There are those of us who have personal religious convictions,” Cantor added. “And I think we as a country need to respect people about their opinion, not matter which side you come down on.” Cantor then lamented that the GOP is being “portrayed” as a party that doesn’t care about people, but that the notion was false.

Kernen prodded Cantor to be more specific, saying, “if we really are free, then everybody should be free,” while going on to say, “No one’s asking you to marry another man.”

Watch the exchange in the video below.

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