Comedian hurls swastika golf balls at Donald Trump during Scotland press conference

An English comedian who’s known for pulling off high-profile pranks crashed a Donald Trump press conference and tossed swastika-emblazoned golf balls at the presumptive GOP nominee’s feet.

Trump was speaking in Scotland at the ninth hole at Turnberry Trump, a golf course he just reopened when comedian Lee Nelson showed up. According to the Daily Mail, Trump ordered security to “get him our of here,” before Nelson was roughly escorted away.

As he was being whisked away, Nelson turned to the cameras and said that the Nazi golf balls would be available “in the clubhouse.”

“Sorry Mr. Trump. I forgot to hand them out,” he then said to the visibly pissed candidate.

According to Raw Story, Trump told reporters that the dropping value of the pound as the result of Brexit would make playing at the club cheaper for tourists.


Sky Palma

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