Conspiracy theorists add their special brand of mental illness to Paris attacks

After every global tragedy, conspiracy theorists step in to claim that the tragic incident was actually the work of government with ulterior motives. “Truthers” first came to prominence after 9/11 and applied their bizarre obtuse thinking to Sandy Hook, The Boston Bombing, the Charlie Hebdo attacks, and the list goes on. As expected, truthers are already theorizing that the Paris attacks were a “false flag operation” created by the United States and France.

The truthers and conspiracy theorists don’t have a single theory yet, but several theories have formed on sites like Alex Jones’s blog Infowars, The Activist Post, and Before It’s News. Most of the theories allege that the attack was designed to ignite another war in the Middle East, or to draw attention away from a global climate event at the Eiffel Tower, which featured Al Gore.

Before It’s News posted a collection of images that feature a “crisis actor”– someone planted by the government to react to the staged and fictional event. The photo alleges that each panel shows the same woman crying at the Aurora, CO theater shooting, the Sandy Hook shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing, and the Paris attacks. However, to me at least, the four women shown look completely different from one another, and the theory is only alive because of the graininess of the photos.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 12.53.53 PM
Via Before it’s News (Click to enlarge)

“There should be no doubt that the number one reason for the alleged Paris Terror attacks is to completely lock down Paris in order to totally control the upcoming ‘Climate Summit.’ That’s not to say there aren’t other very significant purposes operating in the background, especially some quite stealthy geopolitical strategies involving the Middle East,” said the person who posted the image on the Before It’s News forum.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 1.10.57 PM
Via Before it’s News (Click to enlarge)

The Activist Post listed 9 reasons to question the Paris attacks. Many of the “reasons” relate to the claim that there was confusion over the type of guns used, the number of gunmen, and other details of the attack. Certian details are always murky in the immediate confusion that follows an attack, and it’s a phenomenon that truthers rely on to patch up their theories.


Unfortunately in this day and age of misinformation with conspiracy websites boasting millions of engaged followers, the truther movement will be there to add their special brand of mental illness to a tumultuous world.

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