Christian Pastor slams Paris victims: ‘If you attend a death metal concert, you deserve to get killed’

At a sermon over the weekend, Arizona Christian Pastor Steven Anderson harnessed the power of the Holy Spirit to deliver a sermon titled “The Sinful Nation of France.”

Anderson proclaimed that the attacks were a terrible tragedy “carried out by Muslims, who are followers of the murderous, reprobate false prophet Mohammed, who’s a pedophile.”

Anderson then moved on to the meat of his sermon — blaming the victims for going to rock concerts and being French.

Regarding the massacre at the Bataclan concert hall specifically, Anderson dispassionately read the terrifying account of gunmen shooting for 10-15 minutes straight and killing people execution-style. He is unemotional, almost business-like. When does he get emotional? When discussing the Eagles of Death Metal (the band who was playing at the Bataclan) and their drug use.

(He also takes issue with a band being called “Queens of the Stone Age” despite the group being made up of “men.” Does he know the singer Madonna is not actually the Virgin Mary?)

“When you go to a concert of death metal, somebody might get killed!” shouted Anderson, apparently linking the band’s name to the tragic events. It should be noted that Eagles of Death Metal isn’t death metal. They actually play “feel-good, bluesy boogie-rock.

After a few more quotes from EODM’s frontman Jesse Hughes where Anderson scorned the concert-goers for paying to see a “drug-pushing hillbilly f*ggot,” Andrews gets into how evil France is.

“Did you know France is the only nation in the world where more than 50% of the world thinks adultery is fine?” What? Even if that’s true, does that make them evil somehow? Why are we talking about people’s marital statuses in the wake of an international tragedy?

“All of us over here in Tempe Arizona, on the other side of the world from this massacre, we’re supposed to be mourning today about these 120-something people who died in France, but we’re not supposed to give a rip about the 500 babies France aborted today.”

Well. That is certainly a lot to ponder. Thank you, Pastor Anderson.

The insanity really begins at about 5:40 of the video:

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