Dad apologizes for driving teen son to Capitol attack: ‘We believed rhetoric that never materialized’


The father of a Trump-supporting teenager says he regrets bringing his son to the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 to participate in the storming of the building. He also says he regrets pushing voter fraud conspiracy theories onto his family, the Daily Beast reports.

“I feel responsible for bringing him up into that environment. I feel embarrassed that we drank in a lot of this rhetoric from so-called leaders that never materialized. I feel I should have known a little bit better at my age,” Joseph Cua said during a Friday bond hearing for his 18-year-old son, Bruno Joseph Cua, according to journalist Chris Joyner.

Bruno Joseph Cua faces several charges, including assault on a federal officer and civil disorder. U.S. Chief Magistrate Judge for the Northern District of Georgia Alan Baverman ordered the teen to be held without bond pending his trial. The judge also had some words for Cua’s parents, slamming them for allowing their son to carry a weapon during the attack and setting a bad example.

“Mr. Cua said he is misled by leaders. Well, Mr. Cua is supposed to be the leader,” Baverman said. “These were not spontaneous youthful actions.”

Cua can be seen in video taken on Jan. 6 “in a physical altercation with USCP plainclothes officers, still holding a baton in his hand,” according to prosecutors.

After realizing there would be no “big reveal” proving a conspiracy to steal the 2020 election for Joe Biden, Joseph Cuo said he now feels embarrassed that he believed the “BS.”

“I myself feel pretty embarrassed that a lot of us feel like this is what happened,” he said, adding that he no longer believes the election was stolen. “There was no big reveal and nothing came out.”

But prosecutors weren’t buying it, saying that the teen’s beliefs extended well beyond the influence of his parents.

Joseph Cua testified that he and his wife drove their son to D.C. on Jan 6 to see Donald Trump speak at the “Stop the Steal” rally. After the speech the family walked toward the Capitol building, Cuo said, but decided to hang back as violence began to break out. He said that his son wanted to get a closer look and ended up getting lost in the crowd. Bruno Cua ultimately breached the Capitol building with the rest of the mob.

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