Deputy indicted for ‘brutally beating’ 15-year-old who played ‘ding-dong ditch’ prank

A Delaware state trooper has been charged for the vicious beating of a teenager who played a “ding-dong ditch” prank, USA Today reported.

Dempsey R. Walters, 29, was hit with felony charges including second-degree assault, a felony; deprivation of civil rights, a felony; two counts of third-degree assault, misdemeanors; and two counts of official misconduct, as well as other misdemeanors for the assault against the 15-year-old boy.

From USA Today:

Officials said Walters was on duty when the incident occurred. He turned off his body camera during the assault, officials said, but a program in the device meant it was still capturing video. There was no audio.

Officials released Walters’ body-cam video, showing him walking up to the back of a Delaware State Police SUV that was holding the handcuffed boy. Another trooper backs out of the way as Walters strikes the boy in the face.

Walters then walks around the SUV until he again comes to where the boy is being held and flashes a light at the teen, who turns his body to face the inside the the vehicle. Walters hits the button to turn his body camera on, activating its audio.

“You sure about that?” Walters is heard saying.

“Please tell me what I did? Please tell me what I did?” the boy asks.

Read the full report over at USA Today.

Sky Palma

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