Donald Trump is going to Mexico and Twitter is having a fiesta of mockery

People were rightly dumbfounded when Mexico’s president Enrique Peña Nieto decided to invite Donald Trump for a visit – you know, considering the fact that the GOP nominee and his base has pretty much established that he doesn’t really like Mexicans.

“This man has called us criminals and rapists and said he is going to shut us out with a wall and screamed at us that we should pay for it, and then the president invites him to come and talk?” leading political analyst Jesús Silva-Herzog Márquez told VICE News. “I just cannot fathom why Peña Nieto would do this. This is the stupidest thing that I have seen a president do in my lifetime.”

Regardless, Trump is going.

“But Trump is not a rational guy. He doesn’t care about the facts. He will be able to use this how he wants,” Silva-Herzog added. “There is no possibility that Peña Nieto can get anything out of this. Rather he is sending Trump a life jacket when he is drowning.”

Peña Nieto’s office refused to talk about the specifics of the meeting and calls for protest are rumbling throughout social media – and so is the mockery:

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