Donald Trump Jr compares his dad’s acquittal to OJ Simpson’s — and misses the irony completely

The opening lede to a recent New York Daily News article says it all: “Donald Trump Jr. seems to think his dad is innocent — just like O.J.”

In a post to his Instagram account this Thursday, Donald Trump Jr. shared a meme featuring the late defense lawyer of OJ Simpson, Johnnie Cochran, with a play on his famous line, “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”

“If you cant impeach rip up the speach,” read the meme, misspelling and all.

Via Instagram

The meme was a reference to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s now-infamous stunt where she tore up a copy of President Trump State of the Union speech this past Tuesday.

“Not to mention, OJ was acquitted but guilty AF,” one commenter wrote. “Nice comparison junior.”

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