DoorDash driver confronts customer who falsely claims she never got her food — even while holding the drink she ordered

A video posted to Reddit shows a DoorDash driver confronting a customer who falsely claimed she never received the food he delivered to her.

The video starts out with the driver knocking on a door before a woman answers holding a drink cup in her hand. When the driver asks the woman if he delivered her food, she replies, “Yes.”

“So why did I get a dispute claim saying that you didn’t get your food when I handed it to you right in your hand?” the driver asks.

“I never got no food, sir,” the woman responds.

The driver points out to the woman that she just admitted she got the food, to which she replies, “No, I didn’t. I never got no food.” He then points out that she’s holding the drink she ordered in her hand. She still denies receiving the food, prompting him to rattle off a list of the items she ordered, but to no avail.

“Ma’am, this is how I provide for my family,” the driver tells her. “This is how I take care of my two kids and my wife. I do this every day at least for eight hours a day, and then you dispute claims and lie on me…”

“Okay,” the woman interrupts. “I understand all that, but I never got no food,” the woman responds.

Watch the video below:

Confronting this POS who filed a dispute that she didn’t get her food and was blatantly lying.
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