Evangelical pastor: Give Jim Bakker $1 million and Heaven’s ‘Department of Treasury’ will reward you

On today’s episode of The Jim Bakker Show, Pastor Paul White made an appearance and touted the benefits of the Prosperity Gospel, which she claims to not be a proponent of. Nevertheless, she told the audience that if they donate to help Jim Bakker build a new TV studio, they’ll be rewarded by Heaven’s “Department of Treasury.”

Towards the latter portion of the show, Bakker lamented how hard it is to raise money these days — an especially challenging problem since God told Bakker to build a new ‘Voice of the Prophets” studio. Bakker dropped a few hints regarding donations he’d like to receive — $10,000, maybe even a check for $1 million — and White chimed in to remind the audience that they stand to be rewarded if they help Bakker out.

“Right now, someone is about to send you that million dollar check, in the name of Jesus,” White said. “You just simply need to be obedient, whether it’s $100,000, whether it’s $10,000 … You have got to right now become one of those pillars, become one of those people, whether it’s the $10,000 or the $1,000 — and with all due respect, as great as that name is gonna be left there, there’s a greater name that’s gonna be written. Every treasure you give here on earth is being stored up in Heaven. There is a Department of Treasury up in Heaven … God is watching over everything you do, and you are storing up eternal treasure that will go so far beyond, I think, that we could even begin to imagine.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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