Evangelical preacher says ‘it would be worth having a civil war’ if it gets Trump elected

During a segment on his Truth & Liberty show, evangelical preacher Andrew Wommack said it may be worth having a “civil war” to get Donald Trump another term in office.

“I’ve actually had people say that if Trump was to be elected if we got a conservative Congress, that they fear that we would have another civil war,” Wommack said. “And you know what? I don’t want a civil war, I don’t know anybody that does, but would it be worth it? To turn this nation back? I believe it would.”

Wommack was responding to a viewer who asked if it would be possible to have a “grace revolution” that would create a nation that would “use the Bible as the Constitution,” to which Wommack replied that the U.S. Constitution is good enough, but the only problem is that it’s not being adhered to.

“If they were still writing the Bible today, I believe that the American Constitution and the founding of this nation would be in scripture as one of the great things that God has done,” he said.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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