Ex-con Jim Bakker: ‘I was one of the first victims of cancel culture’

Speaking on a recent episode of The Jim Bakker Show, evangelist Jim Bakker promoted his upcoming book I’m Still Standing and declared that his past ministry during the height of his fame was “destroyed” by people who were out to take him down.

“Millions of people visited me at Heritage USA, which was the largest ministry of its kind in the world,” Bakker said. “Millions of people came there — the traffic was miles and miles long to get in at Christmas time. It was unbelievable. And yet, that was destroyed. That ministry today is gone and they took it away from me and put me in a prison for 45 years.”

“How could they do that?” he continued. “Well, Alan Dershowitz came and defended me — he said, ‘Jim Bakker is not getting a fair trial,’ and he won … and got the judge who put me in prison for all those years, got it literally thrown out, the case, and today I’m free. I’m back preaching the Gospel.”

“I was probably one of the first examples of cancel culture.”

Bakker resigned from his ministry in the late 1980s over a scandal where he allegedly covered up hush money paid to his church secretary, Jessica Hahn, for an alleged sexual assault. He was later investigated for accounting fraud which resulted in a conviction and his subsequent imprisonment.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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