Fast food worker stands up to ‘Karen’ who was recording him: ‘You’re holding up the line with your old-ass Chrysler’

Among the most reprehensible people on earth are those who harass restaurant workers making minimum wage because an order came out wrong, was delayed, or simply because the worker did their job by asking someone to comply with their respective city’s mask mandate. But every now and then a hero comes along.

In a video that’s going viral on Reddit, a woman in a fast food line points her camera phone at a worker, asking for his name and number. The worker tells the woman that he doesn’t care if she’s recording him and she can share it wherever she wants. “No, you’re not getting my name! Now show them that,” the worker tells the woman.

“Do you think I give a f*** about this job? No, I don’t, on mom!” the worker says. “Now get out my drive-thru, you’re holding up my line.”

The two exchange words for a few more minutes, with the woman lecturing the worker on how he should talk to people, but he’s clearly unmoved and asks her go on about her day. As far as I can surmise from the exchange, the woman wanted a discount on her food because she had a coupon, but she apparently forgot to mention the coupon while ordering her food at the drive-thru intercom, and the worker explained to her that she’ll have to pay full price.

She then tells him that she’s going to send the video to the restaurant’s corporate office. “I don’t give a f***!” the worker fires back. “You think I give a f*** don’t you? But I don’t,” he reiterates. “This job ain’t doin’ nothing for me,” he continues before making fun of the woman’s “old-ass Chrysler.”

Give this man a raise.

Watch the video below:

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