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Pastor who prayed over a cardboard cutout of Trump: ‘Liberals are not sane and rational like me and Mike Lindell’

In a recent livestream, Trump-loving Christian evangelist Lance Wallnau — who prays over cardboard cutouts of Donald Trump and thinks Trump is “anointed by God” and who thinks Jews are afraid to admit Jesus is the son of God and who says liberals are spreading a “witchcraft veil” over America — thinks his side is the “rational” side.

“These people live in paranoid land. They’re not sane like us. They’re not rational like us and Mike Lindell,” he said while walking over to a life-sized cutout of the MyPillow CEO. “By the way, I’ve ordered a lot of Mike Lindell’s slippers, and a lot of Mike Lindell bathrobes, and a lot of Mike Lindell towels for Christmas. I figured the supply chain coming from China was disrupted and Mike Lindell would let me down. Guess what? I’m still waiting Mike. I love you…”

Wallnau then launched into an impromptu commercial for

“I’m wearing Mike’s slippers as a I speak. I love Mike Lindell. He’s one of the more rational parts of our army.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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