FBI investigating if Lady Gaga dognapping was retaliation for her singing at Biden’s inauguration

The FBI is now investigating the kidnapping of singer Lady Gaga‘s dogs along with the Los Angeles Police Department, and they’re looking into the possibility is was “politically motivated,” The Sun reports.

“Lady Gaga is high profile of course but she sang at President Biden’s inauguration which takes this case to another level,” a source told The Sun. “The FBI wants to know exactly what motivated this incident.”

They are also looking into the likely possibility that the incident, in which the singer’s dog walker was shot in the chest, was a straightforward armed robbery. The suspects made away with two of the singer’s beloved French bulldogs. She is offering a $500,000 reward for their return.

The dog walker, Ryan Fischer, “is thankfully recovering well” at a local hospital, a source familiar with the incident told The New York Post.

Buck Angel, who called 911 after the incident took place, told The Sun that “where the attack happened can’t just be down to chance,” adding that the area where it took place has “no witnesses that live there” and has “been empty for five years.”

“They had to have chosen that spot to carry out the attack, and those dogs were targeted for ransom, it had to be,” he told the outlet. “They must have wanted to blackmail Lady Gaga for money.”

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Sky Palma

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