January 6

Florida man who claimed ‘antifa’ organized Capitol riot is turned in by Facebook friends for rioting at the Capitol

orlando sentinel

A Florida man who bragged on social media that he breached the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 alongside a mob of Trump supporters was arrested this Monday, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Video footage also shows John Maron Nassif, 55, inside the Capitol building.

“You know I was there, right?” Nassif wrote on Jan. 8, according to an arrest affidavit. “You don’t find it odd that police officer is welcoming everybody in? Considering the narrative that’s being pushed?”

In another post on Jan. 20, Nassif wrote another post saying that he was “inside the building.”

“The [Capitol rotunda] was nearly filled with people,” he wrote. “No one was fighting or being violent. More pushing and I decided to leave. It wasn’t until I was walking back that I heard a rumor someone had been shot. It wasn’t till I got back to my hotel room I learned the specifics. Anyone telling you this was some type of coup etc is telling you lies.”

According to the Sentinel, a review of Nassif’s Facebook page showed memes and “news stories” claiming that the Capitol riot was orchestrated left-wing groups, such as Antifa, among other COVID-related conspiracy theories.

Local news reporter Amanda Dukes said that Nassif was turned by friends who saw his posts on Facebook.

Nassif has been charged with entering a restricted building or grounds and violent entry or disorderly conduct. He faces up to one-year in prison if convicted.

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