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Christian ‘prophet’ who promised Trump’s reelection: ‘Trump won and Biden doesn’t exist’

During a recent sermon, speaker of tongues and self-proclaimed “prophetic” Hank Kunneman slammed “prophetic ministers” who managed to get their predictions about the 2020 election right, saying that their predictions weren’t “accurate” after all. Why? Because Donald Trump actually won in 2020.

“People who think that this election fraud is gonna go away and that President Trump is gonna go away, you don’t understand that part of the visitation — this isn’t worship, this isn’t nationalism, this isn’t an idolatry — it is God’s agenda and desire to use a man and an administration as part of his visitation to bless the church, to give the church religious liberties and freedoms for the greatest harvest,” Kunneman said.

He then compared people who believe Joe Biden won the elections to the disciples who doubted Jesus’ resurrection.

“Like the disciples that are saying, ‘Oh, it’s a ghost, it’s evil, oh, 46 won’ — no, 46 doesn’t exist,” he said. “God doesn’t reward and bless a thief. But when a thief is found, watch — there’s gonna be spoil.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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