UPDATED: Florida school restricts poem read at Joe Biden’s inauguration to middle school students only

Correction: A previous version of this article used the word “banned” when that’s not the case.

A school near Miami, Florida, has restricted several books in its library for middle school eyes only. Among works is “The Hills We Climb,” the poem written and read by Amanda Gorman at President Joe Biden’s inauguration, the Miami Herald reported.

Now, only middle school students at Bob Graham Education Center, a K-8 school in Miami Lakes will be able to have access to the poem.

The work was one of several challenged by one parent for referencing critical race theory or gender ideology.

Other works that were banned from the eyes of elementary students are “The ABCs of Black History,” a picture book written for ages 5 and up, and “Love to Langston,” a collection of poems and illustrations about legendary Black poet Langston Hughes.

After a review, staff members at the school concluded that one of those books, Countries in the News: Cuba — was “balanced and age appropriate” and would remain on shelves. The others were deemed “more appropriate” for middle school students.

According to the Herald, the restrictions affect the one school and were enacted after a parent, identified as Daily Salinas, challenged the books for containing “indirect hate messages” and indoctrination. Salinas claimed she “is not for eliminating or censoring any books.”

Read the full report over at the Miami Herald.

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