Former Trump administration official: ‘We’re getting close to where Christians need to take up arms’

During a speech at the “Jesus And Politics” conference earlier this month, former Trump administration official and avowed Christian nationalist William Wolfe slammed “cowardly” Christians and warned that “we are getting close” to a point where Christians will have to “heed the call to arms,” Right Wing Watch reported.

“Cowardly leadership is a curse upon God’s people,” Wolfe said. “And the bad news is we are led by cowards.”

He then read an excerpt from a 1758 sermon delivered by Virginia evangelist Samuel Davies to a militia during the French And Indian War, saying Christians are “in danger by the loss of our religion,” and “even the God of Peace proclaims by His providence, ‘To arms!’ Then the sword is, as it were, consecrated to God; and the art of war becomes a part of our religion.”

“If we have ever lived in a point in time in American history since then that we could argue that now is the time to arms again, I think we are getting close,” Wolfe then declared. “Even though as Christians we seek peace, when the enemy is pressed upon us, if we fail to heed the call to arms, then we are acting as cowards.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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