January 6

Fox host Brian Kilmeade: Jan 6 hearing shows us ‘you gotta accept the results of an election’

During a discussion on Fox & Friends this Friday, Fox News host Brian Kilmeade lamented former President Donald Trump’s apparent inability to move on from his mistaken notion that the 2020 election was “stolen” in Joe Biden’s favor.

“Which you sat there the whole time say something number one you gotta accept the results of an election,” Kilmeade said. “Get your legal team out there. You go ahead and pursue it aggressively, responsibly. And after that, when William Barr, your greatest ally turns around and said there is nothing there.”

“When your MVP Mike Pence who has with you through every step of the way said there is nothing there,” he continued. “When Ivanka Trump and Jared [Kushner] say we can’t see any proof that there is anything there, you turn the page and Donald Trump would probably would have 68 percent approval ratings right now ready to be Grover Cleveland, ready for four more years. Not that [Trump] can’t do that.”

Later in the segment, Kilmeade argued that the fact that people like Donald Trump Jr. and other members of Trump’s inner circle were frantically trying to get him to quell the rioters on Jan. 6 is prove that the Capitol riot was not planned at the highest levels of the Trump administration.

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