‘Good guy with a gun’ tries to stop carjacking, shoots victim in the head instead and bails

The “good guy with a gun” mantra is a popular one among conservatives who claim tragedies could be averted if only the victims or a concerned citizen had been packing. Again and again, these NRA and right-wing talking points are disproven, and yet another case, this time out of Texas, shows us why.

Two men in the Houston, Texas were in the process of stealing an unarmed man’s truck at a gas station when a would-be hero rushed in to save the day. He drew his weapon and began firing. However, he missed his mark. Instead of hitting the car jackers, the gunman hit the victim in the head.

After he realized what he did, the good samaritan wasn’t so brave in the face of danger anymore. He hurriedly grabbed the evidence (the shell casings from his own gun), and left the scene before the authorities could come and identify him. The bad guys got away, and the victim is reported to be stabilized and recovering at a local hospital. While the stolen truck was found a short ways away, there’s been hide nor hair of either the car jackers or the shooter.

Watch a video news report on the incident below, via ABC 13

[Raw Story] Featured image via screen capture

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