Anti-gay Christian evangelist finds out what happens when his views are challenged on national TV

Josh Feuerstein has a lot of opinions, especially when it comes to sexuality and gender. He isn’t afraid to share them with the world either; in fact, Feuerstein’s web fame comes courtesy of his wildly ignorant online tirades. Like most fundamentalist Christians, he has a very rigid view of what sexuality and gender are and should be, and there’s no changing his mind.

Feuerstein recently appeared on the CBS daytime show The Doctors, along with another man who is internet famous in his own right — Mikki Willis, a dad whose video of his acceptance of his little boy deciding that he wanted a Little Mermaid doll to play with went viral online earlier this year.

Of course, Feuerstein had plenty to say about that, and none of it good. He ranted at the “politically correct” modern culture, and whined about Target’s decision to remove gender markers from toy aisles. The two men met on the set of The Doctors to hash it out.

Feuerstein started out, saying, “When Target has to remove from their shelves any sort of idea that a toy is meant to boy or meant to be girl…”  but both the audience and the panel on the show shut him down fast. A guest host interrupted, him:

“Good, good. As somebody who studies children and works with them in schools I know that if we can nurture children for who they are they will find their own paths.”

Dr. Travis Stock, who hosts the show, put it best:

“I think it comes down to this. You’re right as a parent, you do shape your children. But there is a big difference between telling your children to stay from, say, drugs, don’t drink and drive, and picking out a mermaid doll. So, my issue is… I understand your ideology. I get it. And everyone can have their own choice in life, in terms of what ideology they follow.”

Dr. Lisa Masterson chimed in, saying:

“Let me say one thing; you cannot mold someone’s sexuality.”

Feuerstein then pivoted back, with his usual diatribes on gender, but was met with boos and hisses from the audience. He then got what was perhaps the biggest surprise of what must have been a very difficult day, when Dr. Dr. Andrew Ordon said:

“Guess what? I played with my sister’s dolls and her doll house and now look at me.”

Watch the video below:

[Raw Story] Features image via screen capture

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