GOP candidate for CA secretary of state: Witches tried to lure me into Satanism when I was in preschool

During a recent interview with Christian minister Dr. Meri Crouley, Rachel Hamm, who’s a Republican candidate for California Secretary of State, told a story about an alleged experience she had at a preschool she attended as a child, which she said was actually a “coven that was run by witches.”

“The cover was that it was a preschool but in reality it was a coven where they were training children in Satanic rituals and all things Satanic and how to be a Satanist, literally,” Hamm said.

“It was day-one,” she continued. “It was immediate, and I then just begged to not go back, but I didn’t say what was happening there though because they made you feel as though you were complicit, so you would never tell [your parents] because you think you’re equally guilty.”

Watch the clip below:

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