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GOP candidate: God told me Trump left the presidency voluntarily because ‘he’s a good father’

Speaking at the QAnon-linked For God and Country Patriot Double Down conference in Las Vegas this past weekend, GOP candidate for California secretary of state, Rachel Hamm, said that through her prayers, it became clear to her that Donald Trump was “anointed” by God to be president.

“I had no doubt that [Trump] was going to be our president,” she said, adding that the day after Joe Biden was inaugurated, she was “furious.”

“…because we’ve been stolen from, and we knew it,” she continued. “And all the way up to the inauguration I kept holding out hope that … something’s gonna fix this.”

But when things didn’t turn around and Biden continued to be president, Hamm had another conversation with God and asked why Trump was “not fighting harder.”

God replied: “Because he’s a good father.”

“But what does that have to do with him quitting on us?” Hamm asked.

God replied: “Because good fathers know that sometimes, unfortunately, as much as they do not want to have to do it this way, sometimes their children do not learn lessons unless they learn it the hard way.”

Hamm’s conclusion: “So he, not only didn’t quit in us; he sacrificed greatly.”

Hamm made headlines just a few days ago when speaking at a rally in California, she claimed that Satan worshippers have sacrificed animals and performed rituals in front of her house. But she has a secret weapon — her gift if divine prophecy through dreams.

She went on to explain that she once had a dream “that someone has tried to break into my home, murder me, and light my house on fire.”

“So I wake up and I pray and I use my authority in Jesus’ name to say, ‘No, no one is going to break in my home or murder me or light my house on fire or harm me in any way,’” she continued. When she woke up the next day, she says she called home and her mother gave her some shocking news.

“So my mom says … ‘You are not going to believe what happened last night. You know the witches, the self-proclaimed witches who live two doors down? Well, someone broke into their house, murdered her, and lit the house on fire.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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