GOP House candidate arrested and charged with rape days after losing election to his own mother

A Republican who lost his election to be a member of South Dakota’s House of Representatives has been arrested and charged with rape, The Kansas City Star reports.

Bud Marty May was one of four candidates competing for two District 27 seats, one of whom was his own mother, incumbent Elizabeth May. While May won roughly 22% of the vote in a close race, his mother and Democrat Peri Pourier held on to their seats.

But on Nov. 13, just days after his loss, May was booked into jail on a charge of rape by means of force, coercion or threats. According to the victim, May forced himself on her in a bathroom stall at a bar, telling her, “I am 6′8, white, it is all consensual.”

May then fled the scene but was later detained by police. He initially denied involvement, but then claimed, “it was simply a hug.”

The Mitchell Republic reports that May also has to answer for a September traffic stop, in which he was cited for non-renewal of vehicle registration and failure to maintain financial responsibility. Court records show there was a warrant for his arrest over the stop because he failed to appear in court.

If he’s convicted on the rape charge, May could serve up to 50 years in prison and pay fines of up to $50,000.


Sky Palma

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