Here are 15 sidewalk chalk drawings that you won’t believe are real

These artists are true masters of perspective.

15. This gorgeous oasis beneath a city street. chalk 1
14. This snail slithering up a bench. chalk 2
13. This couple river rafting into the jaws of a croc. chalk 3
12. This kid who’d better watch his step. chalk 4
11. These two girls who might take a tumble. chalk 5
10. This goofy giraffe popping up to say hello. chalk 6
9. These Ninja Turtles on the prowl. chalk 7
8. This guy reeling in a catch. chalk 8
7. This drain that could gobble up a few skaters. chalk 9
6. This fellow sliding down a drainage pipe. chalk 10
5. This ferris wheel disposing of unsuspecting folks. chalk 11
4. This waterfall near a harbor. chalk 12
3. This fellow who’s about give you vertigo. chalk 13
2. This guy taking a drink from an impromptu fountain. chalk 14
1. This hidden world revealing itself on a street corner. chalk 15



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