The dark past of the Elf on the Shelf revealed

1. He has a dark sense humor, but that smile just gets you every time. buddy 1
2. “Don’t be surprised. Elves gotta go too. They’re bigger than you thought, aren’t they?” buddy 2
3. Sometimes it’s hard to know just where he’s coming from. buddy 3
4. Then this. buddy 4
5. It all started when he wasn’t the center of attention anymore. buddy 5
6. He started lashing out in disturbing ways, but no one paid attention. buddy 6
7. He began self-medicating. “It’s just a phase,” everyone said. buddy 7
8. Late-night parties and lines of hot chocolate became the norm. buddy 8
9. He was surrounded by people who enabled his behavior. buddy 9
10. He began to turn against those who loved him. buddy 10
11. Only when he started getting into trouble with the law did people start to take notice. buddy 11
12. He was an entirely different person, and people were just tools to be objectified. buddy 12
13. All he wanted was for people to listen to him. buddy 13
14. But soon, it was too late. buddy 14
15. The unthinkable became reality. buddy 15
16. Friends who once trusted him were lured to their deaths. buddy 16
17. He thought he could get away… buddy 18
18. …and start over with the person he truly loved. buddy 19
20. But no one is safe as long as there’s an elf on the shelf. buddy 20Image via Imgur

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