Here is the devastating impact of vaccine deniers in one simple measles chart

Regardless of the very visible consequences of their movement, vaccine deniers are unwavering.

The chart below is a good way to measure the damage anti-vaxxers have done. Just in the last 3 years, measles cases have literally skyrocketed (yes, the line on that chart is shooting upward like a rocket).

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.00.51 AM

From the Washington Post:

There were 644 new measles cases in 27 states last year, according to the CDC. That’s the biggest annual number we’ve seen in nearly a quarter-century. The vast majority of people who contracted the disease were unvaccinated, including the dozens of cases related to an outbreak at Disneyland in Orange County, California, which is basically Ground Zero in our current epidemic of anti-vaccine hysteria.

Thanks to the debunked theories that have been perpetuated by celebrities and pseudoscience websites, only about 51% of Americans believe that vaccines are “safe and effective.”

This latest CDC data shows the troubling resurgence of diseases that have been declared eliminated. Anti-vaxxers are gleefully and self-righteously turning back the clock on decades of breakthroughs in public health.

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