How many Trump officials caught lying about Russia does it take to have an investigation?

Jeff Sessions recused himself from investigations regarding Russia possibly tampering with our elections, which means two things…

Jeff Sessions recused himself from investigations regarding Russia possibly tampering with our elections, which means two things: a) Jeff Sessions will stay Attorney General despite essentially admitting to lying under oath (otherwise why bother recusing yourself? Because you didn’t do anything “improper or unwise“?) and b) apparently, an investigation is forthcoming.


What is the absolute most important thing in a democratic republic? Elections. Without a trusted process that puts in power the people we as a nation chose, a republic cannot, by definition, exist.

To pretend this issue is about partisan politics is garbage. Seriously, can you imagine Ronald Reagan being chill with the fact that we might have let the f*cking Russians involve themselves in our election? Yes, I remember Reagan’s famous speech — “Mr. Gorbachev, we’ve also done some bad things in our history.”

How many people in the administration need to have proven communication with Russia during the election before we decide this administration is putting the entire nation at risk? I don’t want to hear about Hillary selling uranium to Russia — not only did she not win the election, it’s utter bullshit. I don’t want to hear about Obama’s deal with Iran, because not only is he not currently President (the buck stops where, exactly? Putin?), but it is not anywhere near the same level as letting Russia hack our election.

We don’t know to what extent, if any, Russia tampered with our election (hey, that’s where an investigation might come in handy!), but the evidence so far is damning. Flynn resigned because he got caught (along with Jared Kushner! Hurray!), and instead of investigating that, the House Oversight Committee is… going after Hillary? Again? That is partisan politics, and at the expense of our nation’s security and democracy to boot.

What about Trump’s tax returns? If those don’t have anything shady related to Russia, I will literally vote for Trump in the next election – that is how sure I am that those tax returns prove our President is compromised when it comes to Russia. Not that Republicans are at all interested in seeing them.

Are we or are we not a goddamn superpower? Yes, I’m suddenly reminded of our glory days when we put a man on the moon. Who were we competing against in the Space Race? Was it Australia? Was it Iran? OR WAS IT F*CKING GODDAMN FUCKING RUSSIA?

And why do we care about Trump’s opinion on whether or not Sessions is an “honest man”? What information are we hoping to glean? If we’re so worried about an honest press, I have one very real suggestion: stop asking our president a goddamn thing. This is a man who thinks building a wall along the Mexican border is feasible, who believes millions of people voted illegally in this election despite no evidence. Stop acting like he is a reliable source on anything.

I guess I have this in common with Trump voters — I am utterly disillusioned with our government. This is a serious moment in our democracy, and Congress isn’t doing a goddamn thing about it.

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