Idaho votes to arm teachers, college professor promptly shoots himself in the foot during class

A new Idaho law that allows teachers to carry concealed firearms on campus has already “backfired,” so to speak.

A professor at Idaho State University who had a concealed carry permit accidentally shot himself in the foot this Tuesday afternoon. Authorities were notified at 4pm that a gun had gone off in the Physical Science building in the middle of a class.

From ABC News 8:

Police said the small-caliber handgun was in the professor’s pants pocket and was not displayed at any time. They said the professor was able to leave of his own accord. He was treated and released from the hospital.

ISU officials said no one was evacuated from the building, and several other students our reporter spoke with said they were upset they were not notified.

One student said she signed up for emergency alerts for this very reason. She said accidental or not, students should have been notified of what had happened.

“At this point it is believed to be an isolated incident,” Marketing and Communications Director for the school Adrienne King said. “We don’t have any reason to believe students or anybody else in our Bengal community has any reason to be concerned.”

In June of last year, Idaho legislators approved a bill allowing school employees to carry concealed firearms. The law however forbids firearms in any facility that seats more than 1,000 people.

As of today, no charges have been filed and the name of the professor has not been released.

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