That Syrian refugee who was tripped by a right-wing journalist just got some great news

It looks like there might be a happy ending for the Syrian refugee who was caught on video being tripped by a Hungarian journalist while holding his child as they ran from authorities.

After the incident made international news, reports revealed that the father, Osama Abdul Mohsen, was formerly a soccer coach in Syria. When the Spanish soccer academy CENAFE heard about his credentials, they helped him get to Spain and offered him a job along with a place to live near their training facilities.

“Now I feel that I am [flying] in the sky,” Mohsen told the several dozen journalists who waited for him as he arrived from Barcelona with his two sons. “I am very happy.”

“Hopefully this will serve as an example to the rest of Europe,” said school president Miguel Galan. “We need to help these people.”

From CBS News:

Galan will now try to bring Mohsen’s wife and his other two children from a refugee camp in Turkey. Getafe authorities will also work to get the family legalized in Spain as soon as possible so Mohsen can start working as a coach. He and his family will also have to learn Spanish.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 3.10.30 PM
Mohsen (left) and his 7-year-old son Zaid (Flickr)

Spain has agreed to take 17,680 refugees from Syria and other countries under a plan set up by the European Commission.

The journalist who tripped Mohsen and his son Zaid, Petra Laszlo, was fired from her job at the right-wing N1TV online channel soon after the footage was aired.

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