Infowars host: My vaccinated family treated me like a ‘subhuman leper’ at my grandmother’s funeral

InfoWars host DeAnna Lorraine appeared on the Stew Peters Show recently to tell a story about how she’s being treated by her vaccinated family at her grandmother’s funeral.

“My grandmother died, and we have a very special relationship — she’s probably the only person in my family that understands things like the new world order and the COVID agenda, et cetera,” she said. “She passed away suddenly last week. Now, I flew down to be with her — at the time I bought the ticket I thought she was dying, not dead. During the time that my flight was, she had passed away, sadly.”

Lorraine went on to explain that she hadn’t seen her own mother for two years because she refuses to see her “because of the COVID.”

“And most of my other extended family members are there — I would think I would be greeted with some sort of happiness that I showed up to be with my dead grandmother and grieve with them, but instead my mother yelled at me in front of everybody and refused to talk to me the whole day, refused to touch me, to hug me, and the entire day was spent instead of grieving my grandmother, it was focused on me being the only unvaccinated person out of the whole family … they treated me like a subhuman leper.”

Watch the video below:

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