Right-wing grifter Jacob Wohl promises to enlist in the military if Trump attacks Iran

Right-wing activist and frequent internet failure Jacob Wohl recently said he will enlist in the armed forces if the Trump administration decides that it will attack the nation of Iran.

“If we go to war with Iran, I will enlist within 10 days,” Wohl said to Right Richter, a conservative-based newsletter from The Daily Beast. He further stipulated that he’d “probably” join up with the Army, given the choice of which branch he’d prefer to sign up for.

How reliable Wohl’s word can be taken, however, is up for contention.

Wohl frequently makes claims through social media or other media that don’t turn out to be true or fall short of what he promises will come to fruition.

One recent example demonstrates the lengths Wohl has gone to in the past in order to produce a fictitious claim. The right-wing activist once claimed that an individual who reached out to him had been sexually assaulted by Democratic candidate for president Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Holes in that claim began to develop, especially in light of the fact that the person who had claimed them said that he had not actually written the blog post that made the claim, and that it was entirely fabricated by Wohl himself.

“I WAS NOT SEXUALLY ASSAULTED” by Buttigieg, college student Hunter Kelly explained in a separate post. He later claimed in an interview that Wohl had presented the plan to him the night before a Medium post was created making the claims, and that he had been apprehensive about moving forward with the idea.

After meeting with Wohl and going to sleep, the next morning Kelly discovered the post had been published without his permission.

Kelly stated that he did not “know mayor Pete, and was unaware this is what I was going to be traveling [to D.C.]” to speak with Wohl, and his associate Jack Burkman, about.

This wasn’t the only time Wohl tried to frame an individual that some view as oppositional to the president. He also tried to set up another frame-job, USA Today reported earlier this year, using women to claim that Robert Mueller had sexually assaulted them as well.

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