Jake Tapper: If Trump calls it ‘fake news,’ you can bet the news is true

This Monday night on CNN, Jake Tapper took aim at President Trump’s incessant use of the term “fake news,” saying that if Trump is using the term, it probably means there’s some hard-hitting and accurate reporting about him going on in the press.

“Almost every single time he’s used that term, the news has been accurate,” Tapper said. “It’s just been news he doesn’t like.”

Citing examples like Trump’s claim of “very civil” phone call with Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, which was actually quite tense, Tapper pointed out how Trump slammed the “fake news” media for revealing that the call was less-than-civil. Just last week, transcripts were leaked confirming the media’s initial reporting on the call.

Tapper then turned to the news show funded by Trump’s reelection campaign hosted by former CNN contributor Kayleigh McEnany.

“Empirically, there’s nothing journalistic about a political organization that exists to support a politician cheering on that politician,” he said.

“It’s not real, and it’s not news and it’s definitely not real news.”


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Sky Palma

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